Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Before and After

Have you ever looked back through your scrapbooks and decided you just did not like the way the page turned out? Well today's post is my example of this. When I first scrapped this page I didn't have the stickers I needed to finish it so I went to the computer and printed out some clipart that went with the theme. I didn't really like the end result then but I went with it because it's what I had at the time. Here is the before picture. Don't laugh (okay, laugh if you want but don't tell me about it).  

These were horrible! I didn't even trim around the clip art. I just cut them into squares and stuck it on the page. What was I thinking?

Well, now I have this awesome new machine that cuts designs for me! I have never had the desire to go back and redo all my scrapbooks before and for the most part I still don't but this page just needed to be fixed. Here is the new and improved layout.

I had a hard time hiding the adhesive from the old clipart (that's why that cat is so crooked) but I think this looks much better. What do you think?


Lilygirl said...

Wow!! What an improvement!! I have done the remake thing too! When I first started scrapping my LO's lacked. I have gone back to redo many of them. Great Job!!

Tigerrlyli said...

Thanks so much but I don't think I will go back to do anymore. I like seeing the progression in my scrapping style. This one just really needed to be fixed.